Trade Code Name of Trade Duration No of Units Shifts Running Seating Capacity Per Unit Total Seating Capacity Affiliation Date / DGET Order Link
 215 Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)  4 Sem(2 year)  2+2  1st and 2nd  21  84  DGE&T-12/1/2010-TC
 218  Mechanic (Refrigeration & Air Conditioner) 4 Sem(2 year)  2+2  1st and 2nd  26  104  DGE&T-12/1/2012-TC
 254  Front Office Assistant 2 Sem(1 year)  1+1  1st and 2nd  26  52  DGE&T-12/1/2009-TC
 076  Driver Cum Mechanic 1 Sem

(6 Month)

 1+1  1st and 2nd  21  42  DGE&T-12/1/2012-TC

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
Eligibility : S.S.L.C / +2
Trade: Metric – Engineering
In this emerging transport scenario the trainees in this trade gain the skills about servicing, repairing and major overhauling of motor vehicle like Scooter/Motor Cycle, Cars, and Trucks & Buses etc. Maintain all types of vehicles by attending periodical maintenance work of suspensions, transmission, brakes, steering work, basic electrical and electronic work etc. Fault diagnosis in petrol/diesel engines including MPFI engine, engine fitted with turbocharger, engine scanning, car A/C system and different relay operations. Road testing of vehicle for fault finding of all road transport automobiles
For Employment :
In Automobile Industries he can work in assembly shop, Engine shop, Final inspection, Maintenance, Servicing and R&D Department. Work as a Mechanic in reputed workshop/Service Centre Work as a Driver
Self-Employment :
1. Start his own workshop / Service Station
2. Spare Parts Shop
3. Tyre, Tube repair shop
4. Battery repair shop
5. Auto Electrician


Mechanic (Refrigeration & Air Conditioner)
Eligibility : S.S.L.C / +2
Trade: Metric – Engineering
In the Era of Global warming & high temperatures, air conditioning finds most needed. As the world is moving towards growth, it is losing the nature which ultimately results in effects like imbalanced temperature. About refrigeration, in this busy world people are very busy, cannot spend time on taking care of food stuffs even, there again refrigeration is most required. The scope of air conditioning & refrigeration is much confident at LIFA ITI; the institute has trained well skilled technicians with best placements throughout. The workshop is well equipped & leads by qualified & experienced faculty.

Course Contents :
Repair, maintenance and installations of window AC, Split AC, Repair of all types of Refrigerators, Water Cooler, Bottle Cooler, Deep Freezer, ice candy, ice cream unit, Car AC, Cold storage. Wiring and maintenance of Central AC, Domestic electric wiring, single and three phase motor wiring, assembling of electronic circuit, Soldering, Brazing, Arc welding and Gas welding.

Driver cum mechanic
Eligibility :S.S.L.C & Minimum 18 years of age
Trade: Metric – Non Engineering
The course is so designed that the trainee should have the knowledge about all components of the vehicle. He should be able to lubricate the parts of the vehicle, locate the defects and to attend the minor maintenance of the different types of light motor Vehicles. To drive light motor vehicles on different kinds of roads and surfaces observing the traffic rules. To check emission from vehicles tail pipe as per norms.

Employment opportunities:
On successful completion of the course the candidates can either get employed, or become a self-employed Entrepreneur in any one of the following fields:
1. Operator-cum-Mechanic
2. Ambulance Assistant
3. Bike Mechanic
4. Operator – Trainee
5. Diesel Mechanic
6. Operator-cum-Mechanic
7. Maintenance Technician

Front office assistant
Eligibility :S.S.L.C
Trade: Metric – Non Engineering
Front Office Assistant is an administrative management vocational Trade. The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. Students are taught about works like responsible for greeting visitors at the front desk,answering busy telephone lines and providing support to the team; filing, scanning,faxing,as well as typing specific documentation; coordinating incoming and outgoing mail; preparing general correspondences and customer assessments as needed and occasionally works on special projects. There are many ITI’s in the country providing trade for this subject. After passing the trade students have good scopes for job in various administrative departments.